Picnic Playtime by

Samantha Lee

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Joined in Oct 2013

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October 29, 2014
This is a great show from a wonderful, natural curved beauty who obviously had lots of fun recording this. You can see that, she smiles a lot and the way she's playing with the banana and the cream on her wonderful, big breats...it's just awesome I love it! Thank you Samantha! This was the first but certainly not the last show I bought from this beauty, you can bet on that!
Joined in Jan 2013

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July 13, 2013
Model - 7/10

Beautiful girl with 2 hugh juggs. Lovely smile. Average height. She don't have a body of a top model, but that will do.

Outfit - 6/10

Flowered panties & bra, are quite nice, but not really attracting. I liked her more in those short jeans & undershirt. Of course, in the end, i prefer

her, with neither of them. Also loved the pigtails (what can i do, it's a fetish).

I think it would have been better, if she had shoes or heels, instead of her flip-flops.

Show - 5/10

Don't know why the rush, but this girl always in a hurry. All her fast movements.. Unsexual !!

Her pole show is quite nice. She's very active and dancing, but hey.. slow down! You're on speeds or something?

The accessoiers are nice too, Especially the cream. OMG! When she rubs it on her juggs.. Yammy. I wish i could be there to lick it off.

Photos - 7/10

Got some lovley pics. Especially those with the fruits.

Overall - 6/10

It would be nice to take her out for a picnic, eat her melons & give her my banana.
Joined in Jul 2010

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July 13, 2013
Samantha shakes her huge tits and plays with whip cream while eating a banana! Amazing tits and ass, beautiful girl!
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