Into temptation by

Little Caprice

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Joined in Jul 2013

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December 29, 2013
Very cute, great outfit but should have left the shoes on during the floor scene. Movement a bit stiff on floor too but still solid and hot.
Joined in Jun 2013

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June 24, 2013
So I am away from VG for 5 years or so, and lo, look what kind of new young hottie is here to welcome me back but Little Caprice herself. She could have melted all the icebergs surrounding the Titantic, without scratching the hull! She is all charm and sensual charisma. I agree with previous comments that she belongs over on the DB side of the business and while I have yet to reach the Platinum status; that Little Caprice's VIP card will be my first purchase... that is a No-Brainer!

Does anyone else here watch classic Hollywood films and see another Natalie Wood or Audrey Hepburn before their eyes? It does not hurt that she has a body like Sasha Grey as well! WOW! As to the negetative comments about Little Caprice wearing lingerie and not going totally nude, I can only say... GET REAL! Like any red-blooded man having Caprice in front of his face would turn down sex because she would not go nude with him? HELLO? ARE YOU A LUNATIC? Or just plain nuts thank you! LOVE YOU CAPRICE! XOXOXO
Joined in Dec 2007

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May 10, 2013
Little Caprice has lots of sweet & sexy goin' on here & she combines it with a fair amount of Xplicit action, easily lofting her performance into the "Complete" category. Lean & gorgeous with a penchant to wiggle, sway & stroke her open pussy, she is a PornDoll Delight.She performs Erotically,spreading & stroking with a professional ease & offers us all the open posing of her juicy delights.I'm not so crazy about the costume but her moves make it sexy enough.She seems a bit disengaged here to me. I don't want to dwell on that much other than to say she's not as present in her performance as, say, Carla Cox is.Still it's an enjoyable performance & I am very grateful for her 2 X clips of "Gentle" (no plunging) fingering. She delights in rubbing & twirling her open pussy & I am glad she does so! Her dance style is hypnotic...almost relaxing in effect...perhaps she will grow on me more in time. She is Elegantly lovely & the inclusion of 2 X clips is a BIG plus! Sweet legs too.
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