Sexy Glamour by

Holly Anderson

 4.12 (324 votes)

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Joined in Dec 2010

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March 10, 2013
Holly Anderson is the type of woman you woul gladly sell your soul for,granted her dance skills are lacking however she more than makes up for this in other ways.Holly's body is flawless,her eyes perfect & a smile that could light up a small city.Ilook forward to more cards from her.
Joined in Mar 2014

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November 3, 2014
Really weird ..

Quality and Beauty 9

Its still 9 close to 8 really. Barefeet mostly with many bruises and below average makeup and hairstyle. Nothing can spoil her beauty though:)

Outfit 5

Why those big shorts? Why those hairstyle? Looks like she didnt have tome to wash her hair? At least she has cute shoes, but dont worry i guess she dpesnt like then so she rarely wears them on the taskbar.

Tease Factor 7

I cant resist her smile (though she doesnt smile as much as she usually does). And her pussy is very sexy then standing. So she is getting good 7 but i dont feel like she is gonna seduce me really.

Performance 6

Satisfactory but very unconvincing. I still cant understand what she was trying to show me.

Overall 6

Satisfactory show mainly because of her smile. Still recommend it for Holy fans. But get her show in yellow outfit first.
Joined in Dec 2012

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September 2, 2013
Holly has a glacier-melting smile, and she rarely stops flashing it. Her dancing style is... unique and adorably awkward. The combination forces a smile from me-- no matter what mood I'm in.

Holly Dear, you are pure therapy!

By the bye, what exactly do you call that dance?
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