Flattering Figure by

Holly Anderson

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February 18, 2013
Holly Anderson is uber-hot with a killer, natural body that begs for attention. The title of this card is very appropriate given her blond hair, great smile, large natural breasts, and great ass. Holly is a supreme amateur, however, so many of the scenes are endearingly bumbling.

The card features the new cage that Totem seems to think needs to be in every card they produce now. Most of the time, it's badly used and the go go cage here is no different, being largely just a confined dance area for Holly to move within. With the exception of a questionable pole scene, though, the rest of this card is great stuff.

Holly is sure to be a rising star and this is a great debut for her at Virtua Girl.
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February 8, 2013
Holly makes a very nice show. She is a cute sweetheart with a great body.

She is smiling a lot and in the standing and task clips she seems to really enjoy herself.

On pole she isn't bad not at all but she seems to be too concentrated on it to really connect with the viewer there.

The show also has 2 Cage clips which are really nice. I like that erotic tension these cage clips can bring.

So all in all a very good show from her. Not very explicit with only 2 explicit clips out of 19 total but she also isn't hiding anything.
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February 17, 2013
As the title indicates, Holly has a great classic body. It's hard to believe this is her first card. She seems perfectly at ease and smiles pleasantly throughout the routine. She is, as noted already, the GND type and the outfit is perfect for her. She moves well and there's no sign of hesitance or even nervousness.

This is one girl you're not going to have to wait until they improve to get a good show. She's good already.
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