Naughty Girlfriend by

Victoria Sweet

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Joined in Dec 2007

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December 22, 2012
I bought Victoria's card right away,Demo & Overview unseen!I really like her fulsome,curvy,BeautyBabeNess & the Stripper sensibility she brings in her performances! She looks absolutely luscious in this outfit too.It's perfect for her shapely curves, her tits look absolutely wicked fine, bulging in that skin tight top,her incredibly trim yet muscular legs are perfect Twangin' out of that shorty skirt,the leg warmers highlight her curvy,energetic sexiness too.She has a sweet, teeny type face that goes so well with the way she dances in & out of that skirt,love how she flashes her lovely pussy & ass (heck, I even luv her underarms!) It's a "Babe Dancin' at a party" vibe for me & her freely explicit action is not only easy on the eyes but the girl knows how to tempt & spread the goodies! Gawd,she's just a total beauty package & I just love watchin' her dance!

Totem should have let her do some finger pop 'n' dip ala Zara-she does at DB! It's just nice to see her SexyMove & PussyBoogie!
Joined in Dec 2010

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December 22, 2012
There are certain models cards after seeing the first you buy without seeing the demo,Victoria Sweet is such a model.Her smile & eyes will have you wanting more, Throw in a killer body & you get the perfect woman.
Joined in Jun 2008

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December 21, 2012
Gorgeous babe. Sooo beautiful and seductive. Like her outfitsand especially thongs when they show their fine butt cheeks. Has a great smile and enjoys performing. Wouln't mind 9 or 12 shows with this model.
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