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Linet A

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Joined in Jan 2012

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November 27, 2014
As per my comment on 'Lemon Fresh' I'm a Linet A convert.

Gorgeous legs and derriere. Yes, her boobs are very nice, but for me it is the whole package and the way she moves that has me rising hard to every move she makes. I may have been guilty of uner-rating her pole work when I commented on Lemon Fresh because there are clips in this card where although the swings are relatively simple she executes them with confidence that really sells them. At one point when she lands on all fours she does a couple of quick thrusting moves that immediately made me wished I was behind and plugged inside her. What a treat that would be.

A very sexy lady who knows how to arouse. Gets my high rating.
Joined in Jul 2010

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November 13, 2012
Yes dear, you got the job!!!

Symmetrical boobs are actually quite rare - that's what makes 100% natural so great... every girl is different, and I love it!

Incidentally, the hair may appear a little unusual - it looks to me like she's probably got naturally curly hair and this is what starts to happen a couple of days after having it straightened.
Joined in Dec 2009

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February 3, 2013
a horny girl, very hot

performance: in the average, she lacks a bit of fantasy

she is courageous with the rod, but to what clumsy

after several clips, she result boring

Outfit: the same as my granny, last birthday... (R.I.P)

overall in the mean

vote: 7
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