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Maya Mai

Geisha Goddess

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WyDude avatar
Dressed in this kimono-like silk robe, Maya Mai looks much more at home and natural than she did in her first performance. She shows this with much more movement-filled, distinctly Japanese dancing and striptease, which is very tantalizing. Her beautiful, though not perfect body, great expressions, beautiful face, and the bright red setting off her dark hair and eyes really makes for a great visual as she moves fast and slow, depending on the scene. Some of the stand up dance clips are great as Maya bounces in that Japanese club-girl style. The close-up scenes on the taskbar are also very good and show that this Asian dancer can get down and dirty when the time is right. Definitely a great card.
gonzo420 avatar
Maya is indeed a "Geisha Goddess". Her beauty, from head to feet, has got me "hooked" on her. This particular performance is absolutely wonderful...she is definitely a goddess when she graces my screen. No doubt about it, in my opinion she is one of the most beautiful ladies on vghd...10/10!!!
ggrandma avatar
Maya Mai is the most beautiful and the most attractive performer that I have seen on this site for a long time. Her performance in this show is excellent and shows a true professional at work. Yes she is petite but she is cute and loveable with her perfect tiny breasts and her gorgeous hairy pussy.I adore this cuddly Japanese woman who sexually is an awesome pole dancer who shows her stunning beauty with every twist and turn that she performs. Maya is a temptress and is agile with this performance.
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