Classic Beauty by

Claire Castel

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August 6, 2012
The title of this card is a perfect summation of Claire Castel. She is near-perfect in every way when it comes to classical beauty. Were this 1500 or today, in a peasant village or on a Parisian runway, Claire would be considered beautiful.

The outfit is a tight-fitting "tube" dress that showcases her excellent body well. Her long legs stand on their own, as her flat-heeled shoes prove, and her luscious natural breasts, long neck and beautiful face top everything off masterfully.

Her performance is mostly slow, deliberate tease and body rubbing accentuated by hints at her wild side and bedroom finesse. Claire is both classy and dirty in true Bond Girl style. How anyone could consider her for less than a Perfect 10 is inconceivable.
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May 17, 2017
I love all parts of this card but 720P issue.
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July 30, 2012
23 clips (40 min). Claire is a beautiful adult star and pro-stripper, with a very shapely body. Her dress here is a bit colourless, but I like the figure hugging style and the belt accentuates her curves.

Her style on the task bar was slow and sensual, with reasonable positioning, giving good views of her exceptionally impressive body. Nothing x-rated, but explicit enough in a couple of clips. Her movement seemed very precise, with no variation of pace whatsoever. Also, her eye contact was a little intermittent and her performance was rather straight faced, with only the subtlest of expressions and a very occasional touch of interaction. Sexy and Lovely to look at, but not very entertaining.

Her pole routine was also slow, with smooth movement and reasonable pole use, but very little spontaneity and no impressive moves. All clips were performed at very similar pace, although the standing clips were perhaps a touch faster. She stripped competently and had some sexy moves, but again without much variation, making the clips less interesting than they could have been.

A solid début, but rather disappointing. I expected considerably better from a professional stripper.

personal rating 8.33
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