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DirtyOldMan0055 avatar
Spacephantom has some valid negative points about this card, especially about bright yellow clothing. Yellow of any hue is difficult to pull off. It tends to make the skin look much more pale than it is. For Conny, though, the yellow dress in this card doesn't detract much. Probably my biased opinion, as Cony was the first VG model whose cards I bought without thinking once.... Conny is definitely one of the sexiest models that VGHD has, and it is a shame that only six cards were produced; all VirtuaGirl, and no Desk Babes. I believe Totem needs to get more of Conny in their showcase; DB and VGHD. Totem would sell many, many copies of her cards. I know, this isn't much of a review, but I just wanted to let all you folks who may have made this your first Conny card know; you are in for a real treat, and you should get all the rest of them. Then help all of us who love Conny to convince Totem that they need to bring her back for more shows!!! 10/10... 'Nuff Sed!
CalicoClyde avatar
Conny in Sunshine is like your girlfriend's giving you an improptu strip show during a secuded picnic out in a sunny field. There's not a lot of fancy moves, mostly simple swaying; and that's not a bad thing. Conny has a sweet Mona Lisa smile, large breasts, and a landing strip. The normal outfit along with normal shoes (which are removed in a few clips) plus a bit of wind machine add to the idea of just a normal sexy girl getting naked for you. In this slow sensual show that lasts a respectable 45 minutes, you'll enjoy Conny's very curvy figure, long legs, nice butt, and some good erotic rubbing and fingering. Her eye contact is nearly flawless. She'll never be confused with a pole dancer, but that just continues the idea that she's a girl next door, not a professional stripper. 10 out of 10
ringingear avatar
The face of an Angel, The body of a Godess. A perfect creation. Nothing else I can say about her other than I am happy I bought this card. Thank you Connie you have just become my new favorite out of 44 cards.
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