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Miss Ruth

Customs Inspector

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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BigJRecords avatar
Dear Virtuagirl team, you want to keep regulars like me coming back for more. I like Miss Ruth because at first she came out fucking and made everyone one get off even girls i really didn't want to see; Miss Ruth made them interesting (Cool!)Then Miss Ruth came back and actually danced for me (us), and i appreciate that! Being a film Producer and business man aka pervert, i know what sales and I am willing to purchase Miss Ruth just because she is the best Virtua-Girl and most likely the best sexually in bed. (I'm a vet and know who gets the rocks off, especially if i get board fast). As a Manager/Owner, I would have more actual "dancing" to allure and entice men, real men that is! Don't ever forget the old days, women actually DANCED and enticed mens interest. Don't lose focus of the theme of DESKTOP DANCER. That's what VirtuaGirl is missing, besides; i am game. Being frequent VIP Member who see girls daily one on one, but willing to come home and pay, my say does count$ Love Big J
DirtyOldMan0055 avatar
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I like my women with big boobs. However, Miss Ruth makes a great case for the IttyBittyTitty Committee; small tits can be VERY SEXY!!! Especially when attached to a woman like Miss Ruth. She has everything a man like me could ever want: a great ass; terrific legs; a beautiful face; a fantastic smile; and gorgeous eyes. This woman can hold her own with VG dancers with a lot more up top than her. Personal rating: 9.8/10
habsfan avatar
In the beginning i was not to sure about Miss Ruth,however her smile has won me over. When she gets naked she is breathtaking.Miss Ruth has the perfect look & a fun loving attitude which is perfect.
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