Miss Ruth

Color Me Bad

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (18)

I agree with some others...Miss Ruth is great, but this show is disappointing. I would add that the photo set is disappointing as well, featuring too many props. If you have a choice (I got the show through subscription), I suggest buying one of her other shows and skipping this one.
Ruth is a wonderfully attractive and sexy little vixen...I simply can't get enough of her!!!
Miss Ruth OWNS my Horny eyes!They're pretty much plastered all over her lovely body but they have quite indulgent vacation homes on & in that gorgeous, sumptuous, Ass & on those PerkySweet tits of hers!My FantaSexin' RuthPixel lovin' tongue roams deliriously & freely over her legs as she, oh so Erotically, undulates her way thru my Find, Fondle, & Fuck Her Fantasies. Just the way she slow wiggles with lushly erotic focus with that hot Fuchia tight skirt on is enough to loose the juice! She does such a hot temptation dance that i want SOOO MUCH to see her complete her physical SexJazz improv with some nice, full, bottom notes of full on Xplicit Dip & Goosh! Alas so far, 'tos not to be. But she offers a rich flow of panty pumps & a nice back door pucker peek & pussy kiss. Add X if there is some in her future cards, please Totem.Ruth offers incredible Erotic fullness none the less. She makes me wanna chew her panties while I pinch her pretty tits as her song (see DB card)of passion soars!
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