Miss Ruth

Midnight Stroll

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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From her stunning beauty to her sensual and fun performance, Miss Ruth does not disappoint. Personally, I love perky little breasts like Ruth's...all natural and exceptionally gorgeous, this sweet little lady has definitely become one of my top ten favorite VG girls. A 10 rating doesn't seem to do her justice, so I give her a 10++++!!!
If more women on the IttyBittyTitty Committee were like Miss Ruth, I just might give up my membership in BigBoobsAreGreat!!!! Might, I say, because I still prefer my women with big, natural boobs. I, for one, am glad Miss Ruth HASN'T had enhancement surgery. I am sure this would throw her very sexy body out of proportion, and that would be a crying shame for all of us. I think she should remain exactly as she is, unless her boobs grow on their own... For me, a 9.5/10.
Miss Ruth rocks the"cut off jeans made especially just for her ass"look here! A total beauty who moves her sexy body in a cumtastically masterful, sensual, sexy, dance, she is a consummate VG StripperBabe, bringing a heightened erotic sense to every move the makes. It's total! To look at her is to be fully enraptured by her beauty & sexual formidibleness!She is perpetual erotic motion with her sweet hip swivel & totally committed to seduction dance. She's the babe from yer neighborhood, come by to tempt you into a sexual tizzy in her hot cut offs.She is WOMAN-and she plays it masterfully!Whether by her constant ass wiggle, her delightful leg spreads, her hair whips across those perky plump tits, her teasy smile, she's got yer sex parts on a hook & is just reelin' ya' in fer a good feelin'!Love how she works her on bar explicit striptease,intimately performed just for you!When she spreads her Cunny/Pucker I'm sensing GirlSlit Steam & wanna go in for a facial!Oh yeah-ClassAssyFantaBang!
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