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This is an exceptional card. Not only for Zara, but when measured with other cards in their entirety. First off, she fills up that bikini rather well, especially in the breast department. And although she has a stunning body, the nuances in her facial expressions are noteworthy as well. The structure of her face really enhances the mischievous innocence that she attempts to pull off in her performance in a flawless manner. The only downside to this card is the lack of creativity in incorporating the surfboard. It's cumbersome presence is somewhat of a nuisance more than an actual show enhancement. (Only being effectively used once in a striptease format)(As pointed out by the great and articulate @Spacephantom) 10 surfboards for this ocean-bound beach bunny.
Zara makes me wanna rob a Testosterone Bank!Not only is this Babe a Crook'n'Slick finger Xplicit Queen of VG but she also has a sweet ability to effortlessly become the character she portrays in each card so completely & sexy! Here,she is the vivacious bikini BeachBabe,all smiles & horny seduction!Sexy girly role play easily flows into PoonTang Gash'n'Flash FucksomeSexDance as she doesn't let that board get in the way of some fine Xplicit action all wrapped 'round with sublimely seductive Pump,Stroke,& Wiggle StripperBabe presentation!She is so formidably amazingly cute & completely Xplicit at the same time.Wow what an effect!When she X fingers her pussy,whether by dip or twirl,& combos it with her angel smile,she provides deep erotic satisfaction!NO ONE has breasts like Zara!So full, so heavy, yet so pert & Juggsy!She is a perfect VG Babe,lots of sexy StripperAction & plenty of hot,well done, Xplicits! Mostly she's SO REAL all the way thru!Hope Totem keeps her Xplicits cumming!WOW!!
Zara can certainly fill out a bikini well and looks every inch the perfect surfer-babe. Her movement on the task-bar was much better paced than in either of her previous shows, with good variation of position and playful little nuances, including some genuine fun moments and frequent gorgeous smiles. Also plenty of full-on explicit eroticism as usual from Zara, including one x-rated clip. The presence of the surfboard didn't really add anything in these clips, but her performance was almost as flawless as her beautiful body. The pole clips weren't great, but as in her first show, she moved with some style, kept the routine sexy and mostly did enough to hold attention. In the standing clips, she varied her movement a bit more than previously, adding some playful fun and entertainment value, although one clip would have been better suited to the task-bar. Again she could have done more with the surfboard though, only really using it well in one of the full striptease clips, both of which were very good and one of which was x-rated. The best of Zara's first three cards, although she continues to be strongest on the task-bar. personal rating 9.18
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