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Alena Chorna in Racer is a sexy wind-up toy! For boot lovers: enjoy; bare feet lovers: you're out of luck here. Alena is quite energetic, using quick and sudden movements. This may not sound sexy (many girls do a slower tease), but her show IS sexy. The way she tosses her short hair, combined with her expressive doe-eyes, nice butt, and great smile: very hot. You can truly see that she's enjoying herself, I'd bet she's a hit in dance clubs. She has small breasts with puffy nipples, keeps her pussy shaved and has a ring in it. Alena doesn't get super explicit, but she's not afraid to show off her wares. 35 minutes is an acceptable length, especially with her flawless smoldering eye contact. The crash helmet is a bit odd, but she makes it work. With Alena's quirky dance moves, you can see she's not a professional pole dancer, but she does various spins that match her energetic flitting about. 10 out of 10
On the surface, I'm not so keen on this outfit, but after Alena takes off the motor race themed dress, she looks wonderful in the stockings and thigh boots. The task-bar clips were excellent. Alena performed with a great sultry attitude, but also with genuine humour and delightful charm, having fun with both the outfit and the crash helmet. I'm not usually too keen on headgear like this in a VG show, but Alena used it perfectly. Her movement was somewhat quirky on occasion, but always lively, well paced, very playful and very sexy. My only quibble is that 2 very short clips didn't have much impact. Her pole routine was again exciting to watch, performed with quirky, but stylish movement, wonderful entertainment value and more than a little skill on the pole. In the standing clips, her dancing is amongst the best on VG, with footwork at least as good as Karina and a vivacious personality that makes every clip a joy to watch. I loved the way she skipped enthusiastically on and off the screen. The outfit wasn't great for an effective striptease, but Alena still nailed a superb performance. Even better than Alena's first show. Don't miss this girl. personal rating 9.89
I think she runs on Duracell batteries!
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