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June 22, 2012
a new model, very beautifull, nice smile.

good show and performance :-)
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June 23, 2012
Goldie is a professional showgirl and pole-dancer with a fantastic smile. She isn't really my physical type, but has a great personality and style and this little gold outfit is a very appropriate one for her.

Only 3 clips on the task-bar in this show, 1 non-nude and 2 where she stripped to full nudity. Goldie was sexy and very stylish in them. She didn't vary her position enough in 2 of the clips though, staying in the same position for too long. Also, she could have treated us to it a bit more of her amazing smile and have perhaps added more charm in those 2. The 3rd clip, where she rose up from behind the task-bar, was much better though. Sexy, charming and entertaining.

It's a bit disappointing that there are only 4 pole clips (1 very short). Her style and pole dancing were great, including some impressive acrobatics in the full striptease clip, but I kind of expected more of that. The problem was just too few clips I think. The 6 standing clips were erotic, entertaining and very charming, if a little slow. Again featuring Goldie's superb style of movement and including 2 excellent full strips.

An impressive début from Goldie overall, but only 14 clips was really not enough to showcase her true talent.

personal rating 9.28
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June 23, 2012
Goldie is one of these girls perfect for a VG show. This time the ' you would see in a strip bar' promise from Totem is fulfilled and she is also not shy to show all of her body satisfying the need for a complete show. Very good pole clips that show her skills but with focus on stripping and not acrobatics. And she manages to deliver such a hot performance that doesn't have to hide behind the ones of our top seducers like Cindy Dollar. No, no x-rated but she will make you sweat nonetheless;-)

Another Big plus for me is that she shows her nice butt a lot and even in no nudity clips teases us by pulling her pants down a bit to show it to us. A sure 10 from me. Highly recommended especially for ass lovers like me.
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