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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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plasonic avatar
I was gonna ignore Liza, not "bring her home" 'cause of some distraction & aloofness I thought I saw in her eyes in some of her other demos.Then she strutted on to my task bar in this tight short skirt,all pretty eyes & sexy blond thighs & the pixel seduction began!Dancin' a sweet pretty girl StripperWiggle, she spread her legs akimbo,swayed & pumped her hips & her skirt began to ride up on her lovely thighs.She danced a cute & sexy style, not explicit or sleazy but fresh & fun erotic.Upskirt panty flash hooked me into the leg worship zone & when she stripped off the skirt & thong danced I was ready for some "pretty girl do it" FantaSexin' indulgence!She didn't disappoint, baring her plump & supple lovely tits,a fulsome lush ass & gorgeous expressions.She's a beautiful girl next door, strippin' sexy & havin' fun, giving a show that's erotic while still being fresh & sweet. Mmmmm...BeautyBabe worship & "show it to me babe" dancin' & when she raises that skirt to pussy flash...Oh Baby!
v20310905 avatar
Oo la la!!!! If you want the definition of beauty, its Liza. This sexy babe, in her sexy outfit, puts on a very sexy performance indeed. She has the perfect gorgeous body and puts on a very classy act. Yes!!!!
Spacephantom avatar
A somewhat more sophisticated look for Liza in this one, and yes she does indeed look both sexy and chic. This was much better on the task-bar than in her last couple of shows, and even a little better than in her first. Again her general demeanour was more on the sultry than charming side, although there were quite a few subtle, but lovely smiles, and although her eye contact wasn't absolutely perfect, it was more than enough to make that all-important connection with the viewer in a sexy and seductive performance. Her movement and positioning were spot-on throughout and the whole package generally worked very well in this one. Only 4 pole clips here, but her routine was proficient, sexy and entertaining, if nothing exceptional. The standing clips were my favourites in the show, however. I loved the way she moved in them, from her first twirl on to the screen in the non-nude clip, through some nice variation in style. Including some very sexy dancing, strutting around in those high heels like she owned the stage and two full strips which were both entertaining and erotic. My favourite so far from Liza overall. personal rating 9.58
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