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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (17)

Spacephantom avatar
Although I preferred the outfit in her first card, Bettina looks gorgeous in this very short little nightie. On the task-bar she was again a little on the slow side. Her movement was smoother and more natural looking though, and she performed with sultry eroticism, although perhaps not quite as much charm as in her first show. Although she wasn't very interactive, her eye contact was generally pretty good, apart from the occasional look off-camera, and she does have very striking eyes. A real treat every time she looked directly at the camera. Nothing x-rated in this one, but she got explicit enough. Her pole routine was slow and sexy in pace, with a range of impressive pole dance moves including quite an acrobatic one. Not perfect, with occasional hesitation and slight awkwardness, but very good nonetheless. The standing clips were also slow and sensual in style. Mostly a bit static perhaps, including too much time on the floor in one clip, but she generally held attention and stripped competently. So an improvement overall for Bettina, but I tend to think we haven't seen her perform to her full capability yet. personal rating 9.38
gag2 avatar
OMG! Total perfection. I love small tits and an ass with meat on it. Beautiful face, body made for pure pleasure, and her ass is fantastic. I give this card a 10
ILikeEmCurvy avatar
Baby is thicker than a Snicker's, and she looks fine enough to eat. Her stylist failed her in this show, though, especially with that "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" hairstyle. Still, her awesome bod saves the day, and the absence of non-nudity clips makes an otherwise would-be-standard show more interesting. It's a good thing that she's so fine, or she'd get an 8 for this one. BTW, you can tell she's been working on some pole skills, and with some more work she'll be okay. 9 out of 10.
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