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Them good ol' boys, ZZ TOP, must have traveled to the future to watch Gracy-Ann dance when they wrote-"She's got legs & she knows how to use them!" Man, she has the finest set of legs & ass on VG/DB!She also has, for her type,(fit,lean,curvy)a perfect body & facial beauty!Her legs are the longest 5'5" ones I've ever seen (even w/out heels)! Standing, she moves with such a sexy wiggle that enhances a desire to just worship & caress her tangy thighs up to her amazing toned yet scrumptiously slightly jiggly ass.While not indulging in overt explicitness, her task bar clips are hot & so seductive as she moves very smoothly & poses quite alluringly,focusing on us all the time.Her poses achieve erotic art, creating the illusion that she is 6' tall! My fave is laying on her side,ass to us, legs stretched out, her pussy so plump & juicily framed by her luscious legs topped by her pretty plump jewels of tits! This & "BOSS" are her best! Moving her perfect body creates worship & release in me!
A graceful show by Gracy-Ann. Her beauty is beyond words. The way she moves her lovely body and her gorgeous 'chest puppies' is absolutely fabulous. Wonderful.
Although not my favourite outfit for Gracy-Ann, she certainly looks very sexy in this little shocking pink dress. She was once again both charming and seductive on the task-bar, although fairly subtle in her expressions for the most part. Her eye contact was great throughout and she certainly knows how to draw you in with enticing looks into the camera and the occasional beguiling little smile. Her changes of position on the task-bar were always smoothly done, and although she perhaps wasn't quite so active in some clips, there was more than enough variation to hold the attention and to show off her gorgeous body to good effect while clothed, nude or stripping. Her pole routine was dynamic, if not particularly up-tempo, with good use of the pole, frequent swings and corkscrews, some fun little nuances in her movement and plenty of entertainment value. Her best pole performance to date in my view. I generally like the way Gracy-Ann dances, but in these standing clips her movement seemed too disjointed, as well as rather static, and the clips suffered a bit as a result. So very enjoyable on the pole, but not quite at her very best in other aspects of this show. personal rating 9.30
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