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User comments (38)

gonzo420 avatar
I most certainly have no negative feedback for Gracy-Ann in this performance...she is absolutely wonderful. I love her all natural, perky little breasts. I love her slender body. I love this show!!! As another member said: If she was my boss, I would do anything she wanted, wherever and whenever she wanted it. Being one who appreciates the beauty in all women, I must admit that it is disheartening when people "nit-pick". Well, to each their own...and Gracy-Ann could own me!!! I also should add that I thoroughly enjoy the women who show their feet and/or stockings...OH, SO SEXY!!!
virtuallooker avatar
Odd she thinks she needs to change things on her body, it's natural and hot. I would only ask she leave the heels on, not that her feet aren't cute but I love heels. She's the kind of model that makes you think she could be the girl next door you've beed dreaming about since 7th grade.
Hemingford avatar
The girl: Gracy-Ann's a smooth natural babe with legs and an ass to die for and sweet little tits. Beautiful face, nice smile. Long, dark mane natural color and down below nicely shaved and trimmed with a landing strip.The outfit: Realistic office outfit complete with skirt and high heels. Underneath: White panty and a white bra. Great!The show: A little too much barefeet action but that's the only thing to complain here. Good cliptype balance, wonderful dancing style, whole lotta poledance clips, much teasing with no explicit content. Great show, thanks Gracy-Ann!
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