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High Heels

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That guilty look is just crazy ! Wow, when she looks at the camera like that, it totally turns me on. Great show, her dancing moves are good and sensual.
Kitty Cat struts the task bar with a smoothly seductive movement full of sexuality & erotic presence that is presented artfully in a confident & effective dance of seduction & pleasure!She has the presence to always offer a COMPLETE WebStripper show that always includes plenty of tasty X explicit action.(Totem also leaves it in her shows!)A slow & sensual style allows for plenty of FantaSex imagining of her sliding against you as she caresses her thighs,pressing against her tits as she stretches out on the bar, & entering her silky grotto of lust as she lays back & fingers her cunt & licks her juices with a smile.She is always dependable to take me all the way to Yee Haa Pleasure & leave me relaxed & smiling & I am grateful for the erotic consistency of her VG cards.Her devastatingly fresh & Foxy beauty & body of fulsome curves is a continuing example of the "easy on the eyes" womanly beauty that is a gift to our eyes.Combined with her naturally espressed explicit action-she's a joy!!
Another very sexy outfit for Kitty-Cat in the final card of her set. Perhaps the most beautiful she has looked in any of her cards, and that is really saying something. Her task-bar performance wasn't quite up to the standard of her last couple of shows though. Still a very good sexy performance, with explicit and x-rated content, more than a little charm and pretty good variation of position and movement, although a little static in places. Somehow not quite so smooth in this one, however. For the most part, her pole routine was sexy and held interest. She made an effort to use the pole and perform some moves, although with limited success. One clip was particularly poor though, with Kitty just lying on the floor, ignoring the pole most of the time. The standing clips were very erotic and her movement was mostly good, although lacking variation in places. Both full striptease clips were x-rated and well performed. So a bit of an anti-climax from Kitty-Cat, but a very good show overall and another must-have for her fans, I'm sure. personal rating 9.11
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