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May 9, 2014
Some of the other reviewers commented about the lack of car wash soap suds; I must agree with them. Rebeka certainly could have been washing a car with her delicious breasts; or, she could have been washing ME with her incredible nude body!!! Something about a naked woman built like her covered in suds....

Rebeka has an incredibly well-built body; large, well-shaped breasts (maybe enhanced?? I can't tell...); long, sexy legs, perfect butt; beautiful face with eyes that draw you in and make you want more. We need to see a LOT more of this woman. I just purchased a duo of her; it's difficult to wait until the show downloads!!!

When I can afford to buy more credits, I will definitely purchase more of her cards.

I wish I could rate her higher than 10/10. I'm sure if ahe were in my apartment, I wouldn't survive the night, and I'd die with a huge grin on my face....

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February 19, 2014
This card should've been called The Final Fantasy, Tifa Lockheart cosplay FTW!
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June 1, 2012
Rebeka's outfit is nice, but I don't like her boots in this one. Also there is one somewhat disappointing aspect of this show, given the title. No actual car washing or soap suds feature in any clip.

Disregarding that though, this was another highly enjoyable outing for Rebeka. Easily her most naturally charming performance to date on the task-bar, with lots of playful fun and teasing, gorgeous smiles and not so much of her more dramatic side. Great value in terms of both sex appeal and entertainment. Some explicit views in three of the clips as well.

Her pole routine was very stylish and entertaining, with a range of well timed non-acrobatic moves. Although not perfect, this was her best on the pole yet I think. Rebeka's standing performance was again very good, although honestly I've seen better from her and a little too much time was spent on the floor during the full striptease clips.

An excellent show in some aspects, but a little below her best in others. Some real soapy car-wash action could have made this one of the very best though. So somewhat of a missed opportunity I think.

personal rating 9.65
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