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User comments (13)

beautifull amazing woman, great show :-)
I thought i'd seen the most stunning woman alive when i saw Eve Angel, Kari is tied with Eve in that respect.Granted her dance skills are lacking but when i gaze into her eyes i really don't care abot her dancing.If you can overlook the dancing you will enjoy Kari's cards.
A nice every day look for Kari in her final card. She looks very fetching as always. Her overall performance though, was once again frankly poor. She actually gave one of her better task-bar performances though, up to about the same standard as her previous best efforts. And as usual with Kari, there was some full-on x-rated action in a couple of clips. Her pole performance, although not her worst, was once again mostly a bit of a yawn. It was the standing clips (10 out of the 24 clips), that really let this show down though. Yet again Kari didn't do much more than stand wiggling on the spot, apart from the occasional amateurish stumble. That got particularly tedious during 4 very long full striptease clips. Normally I would say great value for money, but here, her performance was so similar and so dull in all of them that it was difficult to tell the difference (apart from the presence of a chair in 2). That said, the two full strips with the chair were a little sexier and slightly less boring than the others. Kari always looks very beautiful and sexy in her photo-sets, but I can't say I'm sorry that this is the last of her 6 uninteresting and amateurish VG shows. personal rating 6.37
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