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  • Duration: 51 min.
  • Level: XXX
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High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (8)

A nice summery look for Eileen here. An appropriately cool outfit for the hot weather and another great value show with 25 full clips. She was again playful and charming on the task-bar, but was a little less active than in her last couple of shows, not moving or changing position very much, and she seemed a touch distracted here and there. I get the impression that this may have been her first show to be filmed. She seemed to settle quite quickly though and gave a good entertaining performance with lots of sex appeal and enough explicit content to be going on with. Her pole routine was slow, but pretty good and she tried a few moves here and there. Not up to the standard of those in her last 2 shows though. The standing clips were also a bit on the slow side and some lacked a bit of variation, although her movement and demeanour were generally lovely. All three full stripteases were fairly well performed, if slow, but with some awkward moments. Very good overall, if a bit below Eileen's best personal rating 9.12
Wow, this card is Awesome!! Eileen is sooooooo hot!! I also love the way she moves, slow and sexual. To me, that's what this whole site is about! I read some other peoples comments on some cards, and they want it hardcore?? What part of Strip "TEASE" do they not get!! Great job guys!! Fantastic Card!!
The program is not good, shadow constantly shifted and show the plant program at the end!
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