Doll Face by

Alice Saint

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Joined in Dec 2012

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December 16, 2016
Alice is not just a doll face, she is a real life Barbie Doll. Her entertaining performances definitely prove she is the Patron Saint of Stripping.

Folks, about this card ... it is all good. Her beauty, her moves, her charm, her sex appeal, her perfect physique ... it is all good. Alice really lets her personality shine through in her last four scenes. Really beautiful to watch.

Before going to sleep at night, enjoy Alice in her last four scenes. You will have pleaseant dreams.
Joined in Oct 2010

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August 18, 2013
So sad, you used that broken tape measure again.

This girl is no 30. She's not a Kathy, but her boobs

rival some of your "big boobs" models. A 10+/10 for me.
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February 17, 2012
Alice is a curvy beauty whose look is distinctive enough to make her stand out from the crowd. This see-through outfit possibly reveals a little too much too soon, but it looks good on her.

On the task-bar she was very expressive, charming and quite playful, but her performance didn't always seem very natural, betraying some inexperience. She varied her position nicely for the most part, although a couple of clips were a bit static and she sometimes seemed a little awkward. She certainly has a lovely, shapely body and wasn't afraid to show it off to good erotic effect, often at explicit angles. In fact she seemed most comfortable and performed at her best when nude.

Her movement around the pole was sexy, if not absolutely smooth, and she mostly used the pole very well, including a few impressive and well-executed swings. In the standing clips Alice was sexy, expressive, and used the entire screen with good variation. She seemed to have a little difficulty keeping her balance on the high heels though, leading to occasional awkwardness in her movement.

A very good solid début, with potential for improvement.
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