Skin Tight by

Katia de Lys

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Joined in Jun 2009

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March 28, 2012
This is another perfect performance from Katia de Lys, the hottest ebony woman to have graced VirtuaGirl thus far. Her mixture of great attitude, fun Cuban dance, and perfect body proportions (along with her bubbly butt) makes her a 10 every time so far.

In this one, she is wearing a Skin Tight bathing suit suitable for a Bond movie and it does her awesome body a lot of justice. It doesn't last long, of course, but it's a great addition that she uses well in several scenes.

While Katia doesn't get too explicit in this card, she does some great striptease and pole work that makes up for it. Definitely a card worth having and a worthy Perfect 10 here.
Joined in Mar 2014

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March 28, 2014
Tight skin on a tight body... Built like I like, and with a terrific smile and fantastic moves. A real winner!!! Wish she were dancing for me in my home with an interactive show......

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September 8, 2012
Katia always provides a nice alternative to the usual types models on the site. It's always a treat when your non-nude clips are as sensual as some explicit sets. She has one of the best asses on the site - if not the best - and her long legs make her seem over 6 feet tall. I love it when she takes off her shoes and shows off her flexibility.

Not my favorite card from her but it's like when Jordan only goes for 25 instead of 30. Still beats most of the rest of the league.
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