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May 12, 2012
Anna, you are an elegant woman who has the looks and moves of an angel. It's nice to see a woman with grace and class. A 10+
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July 13, 2016
Anna's show is full of elegance, sensuality, and grace. All too many of these shows lack direction and purpose, but not this one. Anna knows what she is doing and how she is going to accomplish her goal.

What Anna is not doing here is calling attention to herself. Instead, what she is doing is drawing you in. She is not saying, "Look at me!" Rather, she is saying, "I have something important about me that I want to share with you." So this show unfolds slowly. She keeps things at an even simmer, making effective use of her dress, losing her clothes not because we want her to get on with it, but because she is waiting for the right time.

Indeed, the best part of the show, in my opinion, are the clips without any nudity. The show actually goes slightly downhill once the clothes do start coming off, especially in the pole clips. She does so much with simply a glance, a shift of her dress, a sway of the hips that it wouldn't matter if the clothes never came off. That's hard for anyone to accomplish, but Anna does it.
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January 13, 2012
cute and lovely

beautifull woman
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