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March 30, 2014
An al natural girl with goodly sized breasts that beg you to handle them and kiss them... A booty that wants more than you just drooling over it... A crotch package that says "Take me NOW!!!" and refuses to say no... A face that reminds me of the Girl Nextdoor...

Sounds like the perfect girl to get you going at the Strip Club!!!! I am definitely buying more of her cards....

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December 11, 2011
Sofia strides out on the screen standing with her legs spread wide,her AngelBrightEyes nailing me with their intensely piercing gaze,& she's got me! All I can do is imagine HoneyHuggin' her voluptuous thighs as she tick-tock-sways her hips & slides her perfumed pantied cunny back & forth over my lips! I kiss her pussy so intensely that I feel her nether lips part beneath the fabric & my probing tongue meets the flow of her "Yesssss" that streams from her cu....OH...Hi..Didn't see you there!I was just FantaSexin'..Yeah! Sofia inspires me to do that a lot!I love it when she flips her li'l skirt and gives us a panty flash like she's teasing us to come & meet her later to share body fluids.Those big thighs kickin' are an invite to part 'em & plunge. I'd love her to get explicit but she is quite effective giving us her "Big Beauty Naked Sway 'n' Boogie" (uniquely "buxotic")Babeliciousness that I just Imagine it!

Hmm..where was I? I lift her legs over her head & slide closer, my..g'bye!!
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December 10, 2011
A clever outfit this, with a tied up blouse and little tartan kilt. Close enough to the schoolgirl look to satisfy those that like that sort of thing, but far enough away from it to make Sophia look sexy rather than silly.

There were a great mix of clips on the task-bar as well, ranging from slow and sensual to playful and fun, but always incredibly sexy. Sophia's sense of viewer interaction was spot-on. Full of delightful charm and beautifully erotic seduction. Her movement and positioning were never repetitive and she always seemed to be doing something different, whether playing with the outfit, drawing attention to her best assets with some seductive caressing or simply giving a great view of her wonderful voluptuous body in as explicit detail as we've seen from her so far.

Her pole routine was poised, but quite dynamic, making good use of the pole and including some fairly impressive moves. The standing clips were stylishly sexy and entertaining, with the pace varying from up-tempo to slow and leisurely and 2 wonderfully erotic striptease clips.

Another fantastic show overall and close to her best.
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