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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Antonia directly on your taskbar. It lasts 42 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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November 17, 2011
Cannot get this card to download I just keep getting an error.
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December 5, 2011
Luscious! A true description of Antonia in every way possible from looks to moves & I'll bet, even her scent!She starts spreadin' her sexy butter all over my imagination & I'm toast,not good for more than a Wank or a "wish fer one" (daily quota reached).I love it that she has the good Stripper sense to get down on the task bar enough!She seems to love it & does it so COMPLETELY,freely offering her open pussy & ass, as if to say "Mmmm...yeah...fuck me now...Mmmmmm" I really appreciate a beauty like her being as Erotically explicit & doing it so effortlessly. She's so perfect that even when Totem gives us the only X clip in the card in profile I don't mind, she's an undulating Bodyscape of a Goddess & any way she presents herself is OK!She never lets us down, always gives a show abundantly filled with lots of hot moves & explicit "show it" action.Her DB cards are amazing too.A truly committed to Eros performer, she blends Hot & Sexy with Smooth & Comfortable.I blend "Yeaaah" with "Ahhh"!
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November 20, 2011
I don't think white suits Antonia as much as more colourful outfits, but the style of this little lacey white dress certainly accentuates her practically perfect body shape.

This was another very good task-bar performance from Antonia. She wasn't very active again for the most part, but always managed to position herself immaculately to show off her superb body shape to best effect and the x-rated clip in this set was her strongest yet. She was certainly seductive enough, but was again very subtle with her expressions, perhaps just a bit too much so in this show.

The standing clips all featured a dome chair, which seemed to hamper her a little in places, but she used it to great effect in some clips, including the full striptease. Her performance fell down a bit in the pole clips though. Her movement was generally OK, if a bit static, but she didn't use the pole well apart from the occasional isolated swing around. She also spent too much time on the floor in a couple of clips and her routine became rather tedious in the longer ones.

A good, enjoyable show overall, but below Antonia's best.

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