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Natalie Mendes

College girl

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habsfan avatar
Natalie m is a freshfaced dream come true . I have been looking forward to her arrivial for some time now & she did not disapoint. There are some longish clips which is good . When she smiles it's enough to melt your soul imho
Spacephantom avatar
Natalie is an exceptionally beautiful, slim and shapely brunette with striking brown eyes. This is a pretty good outfit for her, but is a touch too cutesy for my tastes. On the task-bar she was endearingly charming with a reasonable sense of viewer interaction. Her movement and eye contact were good, if not perfect and her smile was heart melting. A touch of nervousness and inexperience occasionally showed through, especially in a few fiddly moments while stripping, but didn't detract much from the performance. She sometimes came across as a little cold and could have been a bit more expressive, but mostly performed very well for a first show. Her pole routine was graceful with fairly good pole use, including the occasional corkscrew, but her demeanor seemed a little distant. In the standing clips, half of which featured a modernistic chair prop, her movement was varied, entertaining and sexy. She seemed to perform with a little more enthusiasm, but again seemed rather aloof. A good solid début for Natalie overall, but I hope for a bit more passion and conviction from her in future shows.
Sade10 avatar
Truly perfection, I'm totally lost for words! I could buy 100 cards with her if that was possible. ))
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