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Blue Angel

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Joined in Jan 2011

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July 16, 2011
Best comment Wow! I am so glad Blue Angel decided to join us here at VG because she is absolutely amazing! Beautiful, sexy, playful, energetic and an extremely talented performer all of which add up to one hell of a great show!

She seems to channel the vibes of so many of my favorite VG girls that have come before her. Don't dismiss her as just another blond, because she is anything but ordinary! You simply cannot take your eyes off of her at any moment because anything can happen! There are a couple of "accidental" incidents in this show that are fantastic and she makes the most of both of them perfectly!

It doesn't get much better than Blue Angel here, so I would say this card is as much a "must buy" as any card I've seen!

Joined in Jun 2009

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October 1, 2011
This is a very hot, lively, and fun card from this new VirtuaGirl. Blue Angel puts on a great performance with a good mixture of attitude, fun, style and sensuality. This hot blond is one of the best new additions to VirtuaGirl HD in quite a while.

The outfit in this card is part farmer's daughter, part barmaid and all sexy. Angel makes good use of it as she does her striptease in various scenes, showcasing her hot, natural body.

She includes a lot of attitude and some fun elements as well. Her sensuous movements are often a prelude to sexy smirks and tooth licking. In one scene on the pole, she jumps up to grab the stripper pole and kicks off her shoes simultaneously. While she's not a hardcore pole dancer like Suzie Q, she does a respectable job of it. It's mainly her energy that powers her through those scenes. Excellent card!
Joined in Mar 2014

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March 27, 2014
Waouh quelle fille ! Elle roule du cul comme une déesse ! Elle me fait vraiment bander avec sa mini-jupe, je suis obligé de me branler quand je la vois nue, elle doit faire jouir des milliers d'hommes à travers le monde ! Je trouve ce genre de strip-tease plus excitant qu'un solo ! Merci Blue Angel et Virtua Girl !
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