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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

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DrummerBoyItalia avatar
My first dream, my last dream, and all those that may still be to come... Every detail I see no matter what "card" it may be, it is beyond perfect. Like a Godess. I would give up most anything (if not EVERYTHING) for just ONE night, a chance to prove I could make you happy (as youve done me every time even the thought of your face enters my mind)...... Just ONE. ONE night!!!... I promise, neither you or myself would EVER look back. We would run away together and live our lives as they were meant to be. (maybe together if you need someone to be there always, treat you like GOLD, make you feel good.... or atleast whenever you want to be with me aftert that(if ever that is of course) Im not trying to be funny or anything. You are the only Godess ive ever seen and have actually believed you are an actual GODESS if not the only one in existence!. I would give anything to see you face to face, if only just to look into your hypnotic eyes for a few seconds and hear your sexy voice say ANYTHING!!!!! ANYTHING!!! I love you more than Ive ever loved the past, few, select others and I havent even MET YOU YET!!! I not need to. It doesnt matter. I see your body, the way you move and more importantly, your eyes, They say more to me than you could ever know. I would be willing to fly, swim, run. crawl, dig, teleport, hi-jack a f***ing scooter for God's sake, and etc, etc, to see you or fly you to me or both, (all your expenes paid, DUH)... Ive watched you (not in a wierd psychotic way, haha)...
gonzo420 avatar
Blue Angel simply blows my mind!!! Her beauty is outstanding; a wonderful body and gorgeous she's got the cutest little breasts, a perfect little peach, and an ass to die for!!! Her routines are awesome, she certainly isn't shy, and can she ever use that pole!!! Her flexibility and incredible "moves" truly leave me in awe...she's like the perfect VirtuaGirl or DeskBabe. In my top ten favorites of the ladies on this site, Blue Angel ranks #1. I've got all of her cards now, and this particular card, like all of her others, does not disappoint...Actually I've come to the opinion that Blue Angel never disappoints. You simply can't go wrong with any of her cards.
curiousgeorge2 avatar
I thought this would be the first VG card to get a perfect 10 from all but I was wrong. She is gorgeous and has an incredible command of your desktop could not take my eyes off of her. Now on top of my 5 favorites: 1. Blue Angel 2. Elisa *** 3. Danielle Trixie *** 4. Satin Bloom *** 5. Melisa *** Please bring back !!!
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