Blue Angel

Red angel

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  • Release date: 2011
  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: 626MB
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Reviews & comments

May 17, 2017
My first dream, my last dream, and all those that may still be to come... Every detail I see no matter what "card" it may be, it is beyond perfect. Like a Godess. I would give up most anything (if not EVERYTHING) for just ONE night, a chance to prove I could make you happy (as youve done me every time even the thought of your face enters my mind)...... Just ONE. ONE night!!!... I promise, neither you or myself would EVER look back. We would run away together and live our lives as they were meant to be. (maybe together if you need someone to be there always, treat you like GOLD, make you feel good.... or atleast whenever you want to be with me aftert that(if ever that is of course) Im not trying to be funny or anything. You are the only Godess ive ever seen and have actually believed you are an actual GODESS if not the only one in existence!. I would give anything to see you face to face, if only just to look into your hypnotic eyes for a few seconds and hear your sexy voice say ANYTHING!!!!! ANYTHING!!! I love you more than Ive ever loved the past, few, select others and I havent even MET YOU YET!!! I not need to. It doesnt matter. I see your body, the way you move and more importantly, your eyes, They say more to me than you could ever know. I would be willing to fly, swim, run. crawl, dig, teleport, hi-jack a f***ing scooter for God's sake, and etc, etc, to see you or fly you to me or both, (all your expenes paid, DUH)... Ive watched you (not in a wierd psychotic way, haha), but for a while. I think we are close(ish) to the same age like that matters in the grand scheme.... If there is a way to PM me, get my number, email, ANYTHING, please do. I would sell my soul to hang out with you for even just a few hours... All said and done, you are the most beautiful, BAD ASS, gorgeous REAL woman Ive ever set eyes upon. I hope you are doing well at the very least, even if I never hear anything from you it doesnt matter. I just had to let you know how insanely beautiful, SEXXXAAAY and everything I have eveer wanted. You are and always will be on my mind and if dreams ever come true, or atleast my ONLY ONE, I will see you... IF I can never find you.
May 29, 2012
Blue Angel simply blows my mind!!! Her beauty is outstanding; a wonderful body and gorgeous she's got the cutest little breasts, a perfect little peach, and an ass to die for!!! Her routines are awesome, she certainly isn't shy, and can she ever use that pole!!! Her flexibility and incredible "moves" truly leave me in awe...she's like the perfect VirtuaGirl or DeskBabe. In my top ten favorites of the ladies on this site, Blue Angel ranks #1. I've got all of her cards now, and this particular card, like all of her others, does not disappoint...Actually I've come to the opinion that Blue Angel never disappoints. You simply can't go wrong with any of her cards.
July 7, 2011
I thought this would be the first VG card to get a perfect 10 from all but I was wrong. She is gorgeous and has an incredible command of your desktop could not take my eyes off of her. Now on top of my 5 favorites:

1. Blue Angel

2. Elisa ***

3. Danielle Trixie ***

4. Satin Bloom ***

5. Melisa

*** Please bring back !!!
November 6, 2016
Blue Angel is a gorgeous woman, with wonderful legs, well-shaped small tits, a nice face and the most fuckable ass and pussy. In thus card, she wears panties that fits perfectly her ass – and killing high-heeled shoes. The image is OK, for the date the card was shot. The “XXX” label refers to two scenes in that she inserts one finger inside her pussy, for few seconds, but as it isn’t iStripper XXX, I think this is not a problem. The card is worth the credits.

face (w. 2) = 10/10

body (w. 4) = 10/10

feet (w. 1) = 10/10

outfit (w. 1) = 9.5/10

X-action (w. 4) = n.a.

grace (w. 3) = 10/10

image (w. 4) = 9/10

sound (w. 1) = 9/10

weighted average = 10
July 4, 2011
Thanks, Viruagirl, you've made a lot of us very happy. Finally Blue Angel on her own card and she doesn't disappoint. "I told you so" is in order, because she shoots straight to the top of the sexiest, most alluring and drop dead gorgeous leader board, right there under Abigaile and Melisa, what a team!
July 7, 2011
Very nice, great body, I have her solo show on Deskbabes too, she's very flexible on that show! An Ex-Gymnast I believe?
July 13, 2011
I Just want to say that if I say something is good then in my opinion it is good. I think it is silly and kind of stupid to say that Totem is bribing people to say that a card is good. Just because you might think one is crap doesn't mean that someone else isn't going to love it. One mans trash is another mans treasure.
July 1, 2011
One sexy girl who oozes sex appeal and knows how to seduce anybody. Makes your whole body quiver when she smiles at you. Like the thong, especially the view when she bends over and the view of pubic hair above the thong. Would like to see more girls showing pubic hair when they wear their underwear. She is one of the most beautiful blondes on the site. Thanks Totem. Keep the beautiful, sexy, and seductive girls coming to our computers and our hearts delight. That is the only way we can be close to them.
December 12, 2011
November 22, 2013

Great pole dancing, perfect body. She really knows how to move! Blue Angel's seductive smile and her explicit! Must be a 10/10!!!
July 1, 2011
Blue Angel isn't usually the physical type I like much, but there's something a bit special about this girl. She looks both beautiful and very sexy in this lovely red mini-dress and a perfect make-up job is the icing on the cake.

On the task-bar she has a very seductive sense of interaction, with great eye contact, fluid movement and raw sex appeal. Her style was relatively slow, but she showed a foretaste of her agility with full splits across the screen and got as explicit you'll see on VG (L5). If I have one quibble it's that a couple of clips seemed a bit short, negating the full impact of her performance.

On the pole, her movement was again slow, but stylish and occasionally agile. She used the pole well and included a few basic swings and an impressive scissor kick. I felt she was performing below her capability though and honestly expected better. In the standing clips her movement was again fluid and sexy, but mostly lacked variation and her striptease was good, but not great.

A very good solo début, but think it likely that Blue Angel's best is yet to come.
August 15, 2011
Blue Angel is a very beauty and girl with lovely smile, puffy boobs, neat legs, sensational pussy and ass, she's very naughty and sexy. Her rarating are 10 points. I'm sure that she formerly dancing (ballet or other dance). I love Blue Angel and I've seen her more films ...


This card not perfect. The non-nudity and topless clips are a bit boring, here's no nothing idea, a small accessories. Fortunately the explicit and X-rated clips are then former clips. Here were idea, she's moving barefoot and she's showing her flexibilty.

All in one her card's rating are a strong 9 points.
June 11, 2012
WOW! This lady sure knows how to move to entice you with such seductive moves and incredible flexibility that she has! Her big hard nipples really turned me on! This is my first VG card of her but I want more of her. Can't wait to see what moves she has in store for me with her other cards! I liked it when she threw her dress at me and gives you those seductive smiles! Thank you Blue angel ;)
July 11, 2011
Wow, Blue Angel is both beautiful and naturally sexy. The red dress and perfect make-up makes her smoking hot. Her black quick release thong with V-cut back and pubic hair showing at the top set's her on fire.

She is just as seductive as she is beautiful with great eye contact and slow movement with little variation,every thing is right in your face.

This girl is no Shabba or Suzie Q, I feel she may be the crouching tiger hidden dragon of VGHD with her impressive scissor kick's, splits and basic swings. She is performing just for you. This card is worthy of VIP status.

There are four explicit and two X-rated clips that will keep you glued to your PC. Thank you Blue Angel and the totem team, Please keep up the amazing work.

Awesome show.
July 23, 2016
Love the "dress", Baby, a nice contrast to your black thong! And when you peel that off? What a lovely, mouth watering pussy with a nicely trimmed landing strip! Round the show off with your smooth sexy legs and incredibly flexible moves? Hard to beat it -- or should I say hard not to beat it?
December 18, 2016
Blue Angel is and will ALWAYS be to me...the hottest Woman in the world. She has the Sexiest eyes, the Most Gorgeous face and Sexy smile. She has such Sexy lips too! Those Legs of hers are Absolute Perfection as are her Delicious feet and she has such a HOT ass too. My favorite thing about her though is those Super-HOT Puffy god she is just Perfect!!! This is my favorite card of hers by far!!!
August 13, 2011
Pros - Hot little dress, shapely little body, knows how to strut, true stripper energy, plenty of explicit shots

Cons - Hmmmmmm....can't really think of anything that isn't nitpicking

Her willingness to serve it up wins her high points. Her energy says that she'd be good to go with whatever, and I believe it. Being willing and able to work what you've got is the art of seduction, and Blue Angel's attitude wins. 10 out of 10.
October 23, 2013
I forgot how fabulous this show is until they re-released it in 1080p.

Get this for yourself. It's a gift that keeps on giving.
February 9, 2016
Very beautiful and sexy lady! I love the red dress and black g-string panties! She has very seductive, sexy tantalizing moves. She finaly delights me to the view of a nice meaty pussy. I want to see more of this fine lady!
July 4, 2011
At least half of VG shows must be explicit and sexy as this one! And I will be happy VGHD member again :D
July 14, 2017
blue angel is a very beautiful hot and sexy woman she has beautiful tits a beautiful pussy and pussylips and beautiful ass and assholeshe is one of the most beautiful women on istripper she,s in my top ten believe me id love to fuck her
December 28, 2013
She exudes beauty and sexiness. Even the way she talks is sexy!

I must have all of her cards and videos in my collections. She's a 10+/10.
March 28, 2012
very sexy and seductive !
May 21, 2012
Hot girl, sexy moves, and only one thing keeps almost perfect card. The red suit left her very beautiful, but lacked something to draw attention to her legs.
December 10, 2011
This nice string, which always reveals the top of her pussy hair, is so cute. But when she turns, her ass looks even more fantastic in this string! Sexy!!!!
April 17, 2014
Yummalicious! She exudes sultry, sexiness.
May 23, 2017
Sooooooo HOT! and seXXXy!
December 7, 2011
wow, just awesome breasts with puffy nipples andthe rest of her is great also.... thank you so much for doing this great card....
August 12, 2013
My New #1 girl

I always pick cute girls with nice ass and can move that body 10

August 26, 2011
June 11
What a Treat!(sorry but I had to turn off The XXX clips).Thanks again & God be Praised in ALL THINGS...
March 6, 2013
Hier gibt es viele schöne Girls, aber mir gefällt am meisten Blue Angel. Ihre Brüste und Brustwarzen find ich am geilsten, aber alles andere an Ihr ist auch Super.
February 7, 2015
Very much horny body, and this outfit is a lot attracive, nice moves, and sensualy hot :))) almost perfect !!!
October 20, 2012
Blue Angel looks absolutely perfect in her red little outfit. Her moves are sexy and seductive, I can't keep my eyes off of her. 10/10
January 14, 2018
August 17, 2011
Blue Angel is beautiful , graceful and agile and one of the most talented performers on VG . an automatic 10!!
October 16, 2016
my favorite girl love the puffy nipples and the arse is to die for and she does anal
July 2, 2011
Perfect. I'm very glad to see first solo work by this queen of euro-porn on site.
September 23, 2012
blue angel is an exceptionaly beautiful and a great performer! am glad to have 1 of her cards in my colection.
September 19, 2018
When I see that Landing Strip, What a Turn on, Stay as you are, Gorgraous.

I would Luv to . . .
November 22, 2013
I will put a rod on the water to catch some fish. Blue Angel puts that fish out to catch some rod. I'm in love!
August 24, 2012
Blue Angel you are by far the hottest girl on VG, I love everything about you. You sexy thing!!
November 14, 2011
She is beauty. sexy legs. a sexy blonde girl. My favourite virtua sweetheart
4 days ago
Superb show. She knows the moves, she knows how to tease.
July 4, 2011
a rare 10 for me. Great pole skills. Wonderful outfit. Good performance. More please.
August 26, 2012
Sie hat viel zu bieten und das zeigt sie auch in einer geilen Show!
January 22, 2018
Very good performance.
October 21, 2013
Fantastische Show Blue Angel ist eine Traumfrau! :))
September 1, 2014
The best full HD pussy and ass ever! :D
July 4, 2011
Just a "footnote". She shows her bare feet on this card :)
April 22, 2012
Wow,is a great card,perfect very sexy !
July 2, 2011
very nice lo ve it
July 22, 2012
marry me baby :)
December 10, 2011
Best mode!
July 7, 2011
She is perfect!
August 12, 2011
Foxx 10+
June 13, 2017
February 5, 2018
Wow!!! Da bleibt mir die Spucke weg. :) Diese Bewegungen und lasziven Blicke. Von diesem heissen Girl kann mann einfach nicht genug kriegen. Und um ehrlich zu seien, mich würde sie um den finger wickeln, und ich wäre echt nicht böse. ;)
October 9, 2017
Blue Angel es una de las mejores, sin duda. El rojo le queda re HOT. Me encantan su concha y culo, quisiera que fuera mi novia, porque es PERFECTA. Muy buen show
November 28, 2016
C'est vraiment un plaisir que de regarder un si joli bébé comme Angel retirer tous ses vêtements avec un grand sourire !...
July 24, 2016
Sexy girl; why not ugrade to best resolution?
February 26, 2017
Super ! Super !
April 14, 2016
One of her best cards. Super sexy look.
May 9, 2016
Amazing performance and what a beauty!!!
May 29, 2016
elle a des yeux de malade