Barbie White show a0907 Recruit training

Barbie White

Mandy Dee

Recruit training

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: 559MB

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High Heels

User comments (25)

TallandSlimMan avatar
Decent duo. Hot girls. Full nudity in this show. There are some great ass to camera shots in the photo sets, but there is no full on ass pumping to the camera in the actual show. To see how great this can be, take a look at Vicky S. and Eufrat "Final Game" or Keana Moire and Sandra H. "Chicago Girls". Now, that's what should be in all shows...duo or otherwise!! As a picky side note, I see several small bruises on Mandy's legs. Think these would be better covered with a little make up.
Crownz avatar
When i bought it, I was expecting more. They both seemed to ignore eachother rather than work together to make this a really great card.
plasonic avatar
Nice try to capture a sexy intensity as it happens in the BEST VG DUO, "Pocket Queens" with Silvie Deluxe & Monika.Alas, the real attraction & seduction that is abundantly offered in "Queens" is not on display here & thus limits this cards effectiveness as "hot lez sexy".(Go get/watch "Pocket Queens" to see what I mean) Still,I salute the "try" here, not a bad card,somewhere between "Queens" and the tepid offerings of past VG duos.Both babes are gorgeous & offer some nice "wiggle & show it" action.Mandy plays most of her action to us,which isn't that bad but, along with her recent DB duos, just looks like she is evading Barbies advances.She does do some sexy lez touching but looks "condescending" in her attitude throughout this card.Too bad, cause Barbie looks definatly game for more explicit boogie!Some hot wiggle & nice stripping of each others clothes happens.Nice series of touching & some nice duo "horny spider" action too.Look great-could be way hotter in action! Good,not great.
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