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Magic twister

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  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (18)

pianogrinder avatar
Very beautiful girl, Her performance was very good, and it wasn't rushed like other shows, excellent eye contact and personality, but the only thing I have a gripe with is......The outfit, Totem! Shame on you! How could you do this to such a beautiful girl putting her in such a horrid outfit??? That's like hanging car parts on a nice christmas tree ruining it's beauty. Let Catie pick out the clothes next time. I'm sure she will have better tates in clothing. Anyways, she gets a 10 for being interactive in my opinion. In fututr shows with better outfits I am positive she will absolutely floor me with her beauty. All in all, a very good and strong performance, not bad for a newbie :) Just please no more bad outfits, ok?
plasonic avatar
Catie impresses me by her sweet beauty & honest presentation of her unique,neophyte,sexy,nubile,innocent yet willing,erotic persona. I am quite CyberSeduced by this pretty young babe and her performance as a newbie sexy dancer, presenting the eroticism that a shy, inexperienced girl can, with a tentative-to-willing array of seductive moves & poses.She is made for shorty costumes that enhance her Honey Plump & Wiggle Pucker Pillows which she offers us in cute ass boogie & wiggle pumps!Her breasts are tiny, plump,& perfect & she should, please, never have them enhanced! She is a sexy li'l delight & I enjoy modifying my FantaSexin' to accommodate her teeny-to-young woman, sexy tease.Her facial expressions to us are a perfect blend of shy-to-coy sexy attitude, exactly attuned to her persona of fresh,sweet SexyDoll,willing to party & willing to be shown what to do.I of course, want her to be more explicit but accept that she will offer that as a bonus only IF you get to DO her after dance!
Spacephantom avatar
Catie is very slim and doesn't have much up top, but has nicely curvy hips. I think her lovely blue eyes are her best feature. The outfit is colourful and the make-up effectively accentuates her beauty. On the task-bar she was charming with good eye contact and a lovely smile. The performance was a bit on the mundane side, however, and rather expressionless apart from the smile. There were only two level 4 task-bar clips, and neither was anything out of the ordinary. The clips where she came up from below the task-bar were a bit better though, and had a more playful feel. The pole clips were pretty uneventful. She had the occasional swing around, but her moves weren't very well executed and she didn't do much of interest otherwise. In the standing clips her movement was on the slow side, although she did vary her position. The presence of a stool in some clips didn't help the performance and it became rather static when she sat down. Pleasant to look at on the whole, but not very interesting or entertaining.
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