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Tiny cat

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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plasonic avatar
I wasn't prepared for how attractive Catie would be to me! Perhaps it was the SensuSax of Mr. Getz wafting 'round her as she swayed, but she is so incredibly CUTE & has a sweet sexy body!First clip was a profile focusing on her lovely, small, but juicily plump, tits.They are perfect for her petite frame & so lovely!PLEASE CATIE, DON'T GET THEM AMPED!I'd say take time to own your sexuality completely(be as erotic as you are) before you make that decision! The skirt is perfect for her body, love how the rings accent her sexy back,her tits are temptingly revealed when she spreads open the covering fabric.When she turns her back to us and sways her honey ass,I'm smilin'!Catie has a classiness about her that transcends my desire to have a COMPLETE show from her.It is obvious that she is very new, just discovering her sexuality, and giving us what she can.So girl/womanly, so shyly erotic. I'd like to see her when she learns how to be more free & tempt sexually a bit more.Sweet young beauty!
kwaddd1 avatar
She is a very beautiful woman - she says in her 'interview' that in the future she would like to get 'bigger boobs' - I do hope that someone can talk her out of doing that as I believe that because she is so petite that her having that done would actually make her less attractive - There is absolutely nothing 'wrong' with her, so why should anything need to be 'fixed' -- In this particular "card" she has a lot of eye make-up and it does look good on her, but she doesn't need it - She has the type of facial bone structure that will have her looking like she's 25 when she's 40. I hope she doesn't change a thing because, as I said, nothing is broken so there is nothing that needs fixing - A beautiful woman now and always
pianogrinder avatar
That's more like it. The outfit makes her so beautiful in this one. She didn't smile as much but I could see she was more determined to make this work. Nice job Catie. you are so cute! :)
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