Catie show a0901 Evening lounge


Evening lounge

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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

User comments (19)

gonzo420 avatar
I'm with Apocalypse3732...I don't understand the negative reviews either. Catie is, in my opinion, an exceptionally beautiful lady. I have all of her cards and I thoroughly enjoy every one of them. Catie's beauty alone warrants a 10 from me for each and every one of her cards. I suppose this is an excellent example of beauty being a very personal and unique perception to each individual.
Sonder avatar
S***********, the "Robert Parker" of the VGHD world, is once again right: not more than a 7/10. Even though Catie does smile her interaction with the camera remains artificially trained, almost inoculated. How is the viewer to come to ease as she obviously does not feel comfortable herself? And it requires much benevolence to interpret this as "cute shyness" - as is the ceas with Gwen. At least Catie is trying hard which makes her somehow likable.
diegojuan avatar
She reminds me of a hooker i visit often. Same body, same hair and look a like face. Good to have her also at home now!! ;-)
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