Marta show a0889 Final lap


Final lap

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  • Bonus photos: 68
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  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: 660MB

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Big Boobs
High Heels

User comments (42)

WyDude avatar
Marta is back and this is the first of her new cards on VirtuaGirl HD. And it's a doozy. She's still the same, sexy, uber-hot Marta, but after a little age, she's improved in her performance and desktop dancing skills. In fact, two things set this card apart from her earlier appearances on VirtuaGirl. The first is the fact that she does actual desktop dancing now (rather than just a few gyrations and a striptease, which made up most of her earlier cards). The second is that she is a little more explicit and much more interactive.
SungHi avatar
welcome back, marta luckily back again, a dream girl has returned amazing - sexy - beautifull too bad it is not possible to give more then 10 points
CunningLinguist avatar
Welcome back, MARTA! You are definitely worth the wait, but please don't make us wait so long again!! I LOVE your new explicit clips. The only problem is that I'm afraid something just might break, it's so hard. My favorite clip is Ex-06. I know where I would like to spend the rest of my life! Thanks MARTA for being so gorgeous, and thanks totem for bringing her back. Please give us LOTS more!!
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