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Big injection

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Big Boobs
High Heels

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marta, a unique beauty. of course full points. lovely and sexy, a true beauty nothing can deface.
DirtyOldMan0055 avatar
Have to agree with snake353solid... I want a million million of the new, improved, more mature MARTA!!!!! Couldn't help but give her a 10/10; very well built body; big, shapely boobs (don't like saying tits in these reviews... seems a bit disrespectful); great, perfectly shaped legs, made for wrapping around a man (did I just say that??); sensuous butt; sweet, sweet honeypot; lips just begging to be kissed (and kissing other things); and long, luxurious, silky black hair. What more to say, except I would like to make a Big Injection into Marta.... This is my third Marta card, and I picked it up in the Nurses Booster Pack. If you want to bulk up on cards but can't afford a $35USD subscription (4 cards/day for 30 days), then Booster Packs are the way to go. Best $10USD investment I ever made....
Reggun avatar
Marta With Big injection >> While viewing her snapshots on the widescreen you can see the jumbo sizes of her mouth-pieces & boobs (good for a nice blow-job & fondling); yes which might be a debating factor about her having the "Big Injection" !!!. Other good attributes are her eyes, nicely gabbed legs, rounded cuddly arse & well-defined honeydew pussy, overall whcih makes her very sensual & erotic on the widescreen. For that I am prepared to give her 9 out of 10. As for her videos the HD quality is poor and had the photographer & crappy equipment shown everywhere during the filming; by now you would think that VGHD would had invested on better shooting equipment & software of Full HD Blu-ray quality.
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