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Ferrara Gomez

Magic kiss

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JuStJoKiNg avatar
Ferrara is such a sexy little vixen! She may be a petite thing, but her seductive moves and that sexy body dominate! I always love to watch her on my screen.
CalicoClyde avatar
Fererra Gomez giving a Magic Kiss: WOW! This girl is one of the reasons I started buying credits. To see her giving one HELL of a striptease in and out of her nightgown is a sight to behold. I picture her man coming home from work, she pours you a stiff drink and says, "Relax and enjoy." Her eye contact and teasing are quite good. She's got normal heels (yeah) and nice fishnet stockings w/ extra details. It is a joy to watch her prance around, later performing some very nice petting, spreading, and fingering of herself. There is a reason she's also on DeskBabes. Ferrara Gomez has very small breasts, a flawless butt, shaved pussy, and a great warm smile. She does a few spins & twirls on the pole, but not much else there. She REALLY knows how to put on a sex show! The last few clips are VERY erotic. My only "complaint" is the show only lasts 40 minutes (but that's an above average length), I'd always love to see more and more of Ferrara Gomez. 10 out of 10
Spacephantom avatar
This is more like it from Ferrara. She looks stunningly beautiful in this little pink nightie with hair and make-up absolutely perfect, and she gave a much better performance than in her previous two cards. Ferrara certainly knows how to move her body and position herself to give a sexy performance in the task-bar clips, and I think this was her best yet. She was a bit more seductively expressive in this one, although again I wish she had smiled more and added a bit more charm and interactive quality to her performance. There was a little bit here, but not enough. Her pole routine was both stylish and fairly dynamic, with good use of the pole and featuring some basic, but well performed, pole dance moves. Her movement was also up-tempo, stylish and sexy in the standing clips, but she wasn't so dynamic, once again tending to spend too much time dancing on the spot in most clips. The full standing striptease routine had more variation and was really very impressive though. A very good and enjoyable show overall, and another improvement. http://www.v-girls.co.uk/ferrarag-reviews.html#a0881
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