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Ferrara Gomez

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July 15, 2011
Best comment The last of Ferrara's 6 cards, and she looks like she's ready for bed in this little snoopy themed top and pants. A very nice natural look for her.

On the task-bar Ferrara was at her most expressive and interactive, with lots of that gorgeous smile and some really nice little moments of connection with the viewer. Some of her movement was rather static and repetitive, but that was made up for by her considerably more pleasant demeanor. This was Ferrara's least explicit task-bar performance to date, but explicit enough and certainly her most charming.

Her routine fell down drastically in both the pole and standing clips, however. It was mostly slow, mundane and repetitive with only a couple of clips where she was a bit more dynamic. Although she was again very charming in these clips, it wasn't enough to make up for a lacklustre performance.

So unfortunately, the overall show didn't live up to her task-bar performance and was a bit disappointing.
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October 19, 2011
Ferrara seems to have this school-girl slumber party theme going on here, which that in itself is a turn on! Not a whole lot of "special" moves, but then again she is so hot that it really doesn't matter. I believe that Ferrara's biggest charm is that she can look cute and innocent yet give off this naughty vibe of, "hey, let's fuck quietly because my daddy is in the next room". Hehehe...
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September 3, 2012
To me this is one of the best cards here even though I prefer outfits with upskirt potential. As a girlfriend fantasy this card is perfect, just imagine that she is your lovely girlfriend that has decided to put on a sexy little show for you.
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