Pussykat show a0878 Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year

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User comments (32)

Elfron1313 avatar
I am so happy to see a girl (more properly Lady) of Vietnamese background on Virtuagirl! I bought this card the day it came out and I am not disappointed in any way. Looking forward to MORE! Thank You! Merci! Cam On Pussykat! I give this card a 10. I love Vietnamese girls most of all Asians - Yes I am biased
PussyKat avatar
Hi everybody, I'm PussyKat. I speak French ( yes i'm from France ) and a little English. I'm here to answer for all your questions, if it's not so difficult for my english. First of all, thanks for all yout messages, compliments, critics positives and negatives. I'm really happy to see my first card, it's cool. Do you like my breast ... hum ... Concerning my implants, I don't do it to be "Fashion" but for me. I decided to make them, simply because I always liked it, personnally my implants are very well done and I love it !! And as i did it since 11 months, and i don't have the right to do sport. So for the pole clips, i couldn't do anything. Even if i would love !! Promise, i'll work for it. It's right, maybe i dance a little fast compared to a lot of the other girls here, And it's the habit which I have, and in my films, mon partner ( and the spectators ) love it :P Anything else ? Kiss PussyKat www.pussykat.fr
pigroast123 avatar
Salut le KAT, juste vu votre exposition, l'aiment ! vous semblez comme une fille très bonne et j'aime votre tatouage slave aussi bien. Vous feriez une excellente fille de Dolcett.
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