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Modern school

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High Heels
Porn Star

User comments (28)

adamwilson avatar
Me Likey Likey! ;) Luv da outfit, makes her look sexy as F**K, good movements tho erratic at times, positive viewer interaction, lovely smile, her tits, tho fake, dont actually look dat bad....impressive little bad boys!.....and the retro chair scenes were a nice touch too! luv seeing her bent ova it....make me soooo horny! 10/10 **********
JuStJoKiNg avatar
PussyKat is kind of like a hot asian middle schooler with tourettes. Her movements are fast, jerky,...not really sexy. BUT, PussyKat herself is very sexy. She has a cute face and a nice slim body. Now I'm not a big fan of boob jobs, but I still find PussyKat to be very sexy regardless. Can we say, "Me love you long time". HA!
MEG4MAN avatar
Pussykat is the bomb. She is very sexy (she's a pornstar duh!) and knows how to use her assets. She's confident and fun. She said on her DeskBabes animation that she lives in France. The only thing I don't like are the fake boobs, and I hope they aren't those faulty French ones that are painin' women... but I'm still giving her 10/10 just because she's hot and fun and knows how to show it. :D
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