Pussykat show a0875 Blue ship


Blue ship

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  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels
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User comments (25)

MEG4MAN avatar
Pussykat is the bomb. She is very sexy (she's a pornstar duh!) and knows how to use her assets. She's confident and fun. She said on her DeskGirl animation that she lives in France. The only thing I don't like are the fake boobs, and I hope they aren't those faulty French ones that are painin' women... but I'm still giving her 10/10 just because she's hot and fun and knows how to show it. :D
Spacephantom avatar
A lot of girls couldn't carry off this little blue sailor outfit (it looks black in the clips) without appearing a bit silly, but Pussykat looks absolutely gorgeous in it and it gives her a very endearing quality. On the task-bar she was totally charming and a lot of fun, with a great sense of viewer interaction. The non-nude clips were more entertaining than erotic, but that situation was reversed as the outfit came off. My only real criticism is that her movement occasionally veered a little into the hyperactive again. Her pole performance was entertaining and reasonably dynamic, given her recent boob job limiting her pole use. The standing clips were once again the highlight of the entire card. Fun, charming, entertaining and sexy, with stylish movement and a well-performed striptease. Pussykat's best show yet. http://www.v-girls.co.uk/pussykat-reviews.html#a0875
Gen1984 avatar
i am totally smitten by her but there is no sound..... why?
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