Pussykat show a0874 Tea room


Tea room

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  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels
Naked Feet
Porn Star

User comments (18)

ajs1441 avatar
Wow!! This an incredibly sexy show from an incredibly sexy woman!
habsfan avatar
I tried to find some redeeming qulity for pussycat but found none.Her boobs are very badly done, she seems to be in need of food as she is way to thin.Her face is unatractive so i could only give5/10 imho a waste of any credits
Spacephantom avatar
This is easily my favourite outfit for Pussykat. Elegant, beautiful and very sexy. On the task bar her style was fascinating and varied, ranging from slow and sensual to lively and energetic and hardly missing a beat in between. Always very sexy and utterly charming though. Without doubt the best performance I've seen on the task-bar from Pussykat yet. Once again Pussykat's performance on the pole was limited by the fear of doing herself a damage after her recent boob job. Her routine was graceful and stylish enough to keep it seductive and entertaining though. In the standing clips her performance was erotic and alluring with plenty of variation of movement and full of sheer sex appeal, featuring an excellent and superbly timed striptease. Overall this show was simply a delight and Pussykat's best by a considerable margin. http://www.v-girls.co.uk/pussykat-reviews.html#a0874
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