Nicol Vanilla show a0873 Dark corner

Nicol Vanilla

Dark corner

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  • Duration: 44 min.
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High Heels

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WyDude avatar
This is the first card I've seen from this raven-haired beauty and I'm blown away. She is one of the hottest masters of the striptease to come to VirtuaGirl in a long time. This card features her in an outfit and look that is perfect for her dark hair and light skin with the black leather accentuating both her slim curves and her lily skin. Throughout the card, Nicol Vanilla showcases an excellent repertoire of sensual wiggles, provocative poses, and a hot expertise of the art of stripping. Her movements and pole work (with its showing of limber movement) are very well done and hot to behold.
gonzo420 avatar
Nicol Vanilla's "Dark Corner" is an awesome card...and "Kraehe123" has a valid point regarding the "industrial" music fans being able to relate to this card especially well. Personally I would say that her look and attitude in this performance is definitely "industrial / goth". I played her performance with "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails on the stereo and it was "black magic"!!! Awesome...absolutely awesome!!!
DirtyOldMan0055 avatar
The IttyBittyTitty Committee comes out with guns blazing again. Nicol Vanilla is anything BUT "vanilla" in this card. Her tight leather dress, her sexy fishnets, her high heels (not as high as some of the other women, I like that) all help her to look her best. Her eyes are enchanting. They really draw the viewer in to her show. When she gets naked, LOOK OUT!! She knows how to move, and if she has her "accessory (spanker)", you may just want to beg her to spank you with it. I'd probably beg for a spanking, myself, then wrest it away from her and spank her delightful butt!!! My rating: 50/10. My OFFICIAL rating: 10/10
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