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Nicol Vanilla


  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Bonus photos: 71
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  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels

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Spacephantom avatar
A fairly standard little yellow underwear set for the last of Nicol's 6 cards, but she once again looks great. She was a bit slower and more laid back than usual in most of the task-bar clips, but no less active, expressive or interactive and she really turned the seduction and sex-appeal up to maximum. So perhaps not her most entertaining task-bar performance, but certainly one of her sexiest and most explicit (L4). Although the standing clips featured all the personality and striptease skill that make her such a great showgirl, Nicol again seemed a little subdued by her standards in all but 2. Once again very sexy, but perhaps not quite as impressive or entertaining as usual. Nicole's pole routine again began with a consummate display of non-acrobatic pole dancing in the non-nude clips, unmatched by any other girl on VG, building up to a few acrobatic moves (including a bit of upside-down stripping) in the topless and full striptease clips. Not Exactly Suzie Q or Shabba, but impressive enough. Another great card from Nicol, if not her best. Only 6 cards from this fantastic performer is not enough in my opinion and a return for more would be most welcome.
darwint avatar
show qui vous vraiment envie d'aller danser avec elle et finir la soirée ensemble 10
mo7ibelkuss avatar
Very sexy show, and with very sweet naughty moves and gestures! Nicol's cards should not be missed!
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