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SungHi avatar
amazing performance as alway a real beauty nothing can deface 100 of 10 points
v21970962 avatar
I just love to see when a young girl is so sure of herself that she will spread wide and showoff her pussy and tits and do it with confidence. Nina is just one of the extreme few girls I have seen that I would let come live with me. Complete nudity is a statement of who a person is and how they feel about themselves. Thank you Nina for your confidence in yourself and your sexual looks!! May I add that I liked your video better because it shows much more detail.
Spacephantom avatar
Although this is a very sexy look for Nina, she has one of those rather unappealingly severe, pulled back hair styles here, but I must say Nina pulls it off better than most girls. On the task-bar, although charming and sexy, it seemed to me there was a little nervousness and slight lack of confidence compared to her previous shows. Perhaps understandable though, since this was her first show containing genuinely explicit clips. That said the 3 explicit clips here were actually the highlight of the task-bar performance, and the ones where she seemed most comfortable. Nina did very little with pole in her routine and mostly just walked or wiggled around a bit while holding it, making few attempts at pole dance moves. The 2 corkscrews she did include were well performed though. In the standing clips she moved and stripped very well, with considerable charm, sex appeal and more confidence, although she mostly spent too much time dancing on the spot. An enjoyable show overall, but a little below par for Nina.
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