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Sweet angel

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Voted "Girl I'd MOST like to see an EXPLICIT offering from!" It's not her chosen style though. A pity as she is among the loveliest babes here on VG.So, respecting her choice to remain a soft model,I must say she has a remarkably sexy wiggle, especially the way she FunkyFlips her hips in that 2nd animation above.So we're not gonna get the "Show it Explicit", cookie/pucker spreads some of us may want but you will get a most beautiful buxom young lady with a nice sexy bump & grind to offer you a trip back in time to a gentler, sweeter,more innocent expression of sexual teasy porn!The fact that she is extremely beautiful and ain't "givin' it up" should remind some of us of frustrating dates in our past.Be that as it may, I just like crankin' up the sexy thoughts and having a session with her.She's very pleasant to just watch & a bit labor intensive with.Imagine how her body feels as you caress..feel the weight of her...There you go...start up yer FantaSexin' & go til U cum!
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Nina looks simply stunning in this gorgeous sexy underwear set with fishnet stockings, complimented by a perfect makeup job. Her overall look in this card really couldn't be better. This was another confident and sexy performance on the task-bar. Her eye contact was spot-on, her smile was heart melting and her movement was very seductive. Her stripping occasionally seemed a little awkward, particularly when fiddling with her shoes, but she more than made up for that with sheer charm and sex appeal, and for the most part was a complete joy to behold. The pole clips were kind of variable. In some she was stylish and used the pole well, including the occasional basic, but impressive move, while in others she just didn't do much and seemed a bit hesitant. The standing clips were where she showed the biggest improvement over her first show, with some unusual, but sexy and entertaining dancing. Her striptease was well performed, although her movement was better in some of the other clips. A very good solid performance and better than her first card overall, but I'm sure she can do better still.
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