Nina Angel show a0863 Chinese palace

Nina Angel

Chinese palace

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  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Level: Nudity
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Big Boobs
High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (58)

SungHi avatar
Yes angels must exist, here we have one confirmation Such a beautifull women, has potential to be one one the top 3 of all virtuagirl/deskbabes models lovely eyes, smiles, face....simply perfect
10in7cm avatar
Nina's card has all the makings of VGHD elite status, High Heels-CHECK Bare Feet- CHECK Beautiful Model-CHECK A body all can appreciate-CHECK Lotion scene-CHECK Full Nudity-CHECK Great Outfit-CHECK But Nina is far from it at this moment. Nina is beautiful with a body all will appreciate. Nina was very confident during no nudity scenes, but as soon as it was time to take clothes off she became very noticeably nervous or uncomfortable during this show, and not the kind of uncomfortable that is cute. Instead the kind that makes the viewer uncomfortable while watching. That nervousness is only apparent in the close shots though in the standing clips Nina seems to keep it together. I wouldn?t say don?t get this card, for those that really want to see the new girl, purchase it. You will not feel as if you wasted your credits, but if I could do it over I think I would wait for a latter card of hers. Over all decent show a lot of Variety! No Explicit Scenes! 7/10
habsfan avatar
There is something about Nina that's very appealing whether it's her ethnic background or her sweet boobs & ass i can't say . It made me purchase her card at full price rather than waiting for daily dl.Don't wait get this card & all her cards you won't be disappointed
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