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Ally Style

Right hook

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WyDude avatar
I?ve given this card a Perfect 10 for two reasons: 1. Ally Style is one of the best all around new Virtua Girls to come to the VirtuaGirlHD site in a very long time and this card showcases that. 2. This card is a showcase of Ally's ability to both play act (she's a great kickboxer) and ooze sex appeal and lust. In this card, Ally comes out wearing gloves (literally) and somehow makes you want her to beat you up because you know that as soon as she lays you out, she'll kiss and make it better. Did you ever think that watching a girl strip off boxing gloves and hand tape would be sexy? You will after seeing Ally Style doing it. This card is nothing short of awesome. It's full of energy, sex, athleticism, and more sex.
Dionysos59 avatar
Ally Style est une de mes éffeuilleuses préférées, mais j'avais hésité à acheter son show en la voyant boxer ( j'ai l'impression que cette femme sait boxer, et que si elle m'envoyait un crochet du droit, j'irais valdinguer à 15 mètres en arrière), elle me faisait un peu peur. Puis j'ai vu la suite du Strip-Tease et là, j'en ai pris plein les yeux ! Ce show est l'un des plus excitants qu'il m'ait été donné de voir, j'adore quand elle passe d'une attitude de garçonne bagarreuse à celui d'une femme sensuelle, c'est super-bandant !
CalicoClyde avatar
Ally Style's Right Hook is brought to you by fantasies about that hot chick in the martial-arts course. This is a great athletic show from a girl who's a perfect blend of tough-chick and sexy-girl; nice work since her other cards are quite girly & feminine. There is good clothed teasing, her trademarked splits, and some good kickboxing moves from a flexible girl who's enjoying herself in this show. Ally Style proves that boxing gloves CAN be sexy. She's got average sized breasts that would fit in your hand (and they bounce supurbly), a trimmed pussy, and she's technically barefoot, wearing ankle wraps throughout. You'll want to go a few rounds with her after seeing her bounce around, highlighting her athletisism (and the fact: it's a hot naked chick bouncing!). Her eye contatct is great, keeping the show nice and personal. The pole is a sparing partner about 40% of the time. After this 30 minute show, you'll be hot and sweaty after HER workout. 10 out of 10
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