Blanca Brooke show a0859 Quiet morning

Blanca Brooke

Quiet morning

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High Heels

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ANTOHA2009 avatar
Blanca beautiful platinum blonde glamor model with a strikingly beautiful face and shapely figure, who looks great in this dress. The color goes it's absolutely fine, but I would have preferred her hair free I think. Blanca presented herself well on the task bar with a lovely smiley personality, good eye contact and a pretty good interaction with users. Her performance was solid enough, Blanca pole procedure was quite dynamic. She used the pole quite well and included a few swings and corkscrews. There were too many instances where it is simply ignored the pole and made ??as if he was missing, however. Her style of music videos was a constant up-tempo and fun. She moved and stripped well enough, but at least entertaining, not enough sex appeal to me. Solid debut beautiful girl kotorae very very nice to look at, to see to your desktop
dacky501 avatar
no pussy in this show...! too bad...! how this happened...? 4
NaughtyGimp01 avatar
If you're a booty lover like myself, you're in for a treat! Blanca knows her stuff and knows just how to shake it! Great smile and the black lace attire suited her well for this show. Sorry, Jenni Gregg, you're bumped off the top of my list...for now. :-)
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